Welcome to Mrs. Sides and Ms. Fitzgibbons' Joint Project Wiki

In 2002, Mrs. Sides and Ms. Fitzgibbons decided to try a "joint project." Mrs. Sides taught 4th grade, and Ms. Fitzgibbons taught 1st grade. They thought it would be fun to get the two classes together and allow the 4th graders to mentor the 1st graders. They believed that this would benefit BOTH groups of students.

The first joint project was based on the book If You Give a Mouse a Cookie by Laura Numeroff. The 4th graders read the story to their 1st grade buddies and took an Accelerated Reader test over the story. Then the classes discussed cause and effect and did many activities to practice their newly learned cause and effect skills. Finally, the 4th graders and their 1st grade buddies wrote their own cause and effect statements based on the mouse in If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. The students used Microsoft PowerPoint and each created two slides. The first slide was the cause. The second slide was the effect. The 4th graders not only helped the 1st graders with their writing, spelling, and grammar, but they also helped them learn how change fonts and font colors, and add backgrounds and clip art in PowerPoint. Finally, all of the slides were put together into one large slide show and it was presented to the school administration.

Throughout the course of the year, Mrs. Sides and Ms. Fitzgibbons completed many other joint projects. They enjoyed the projects so much that they continued to do joint projects until 2006 when Mrs. Sides accepted a position as a curriculum technologist at a new school in the district. However, in 2008, the district purchased ITV equipment for each campus, and Mrs. Sides and Ms. Fitzgibbons found a new way to collaborate on joint projects.

Mrs. Sides and Ms. Fitzgibbons hope that this wiki will be a great place for their students to collaborate prior to their final projects using the ITV lab.